LagoRent Rent a Car - Conditions

Rates include: Unlimited mileage, Taxes, Deliveries and Insurance (Except excess)

Bail to be covered:
Group: A - B - C = € 800
Group: D - E - H- J = € 1500
Group: F - G - L - I - M = € 2000

* We decline total responsibility for accidents not reported to the Police.
* This car is not allowed to be used outside of asphalt roads. If damage occurs for not respecting this rule it will be considered neglect of the costumer.
* It is the Client’s responsibility when driving with alcohol. There is no insurance to cover this situation. In case of accident or any crash, the client must pay the full amount of the damage.
* Any fines are the responsibility of the client.

The vehicle has to be returned in the same condition as it was picked up.

An extra cost will be charged when the car is returned very dirty.

The vehicle is delivered with a certain amount of petrol and it must be returned with the same level. Otherwise an extra cost will be charged.

If you want to return the car later than it was supposed to be, you must let us know at least 24 hours in advance. An extra day can be charged when the car is returned later without notice.
As well if you want to extend the rental agreement you should advise us.
It’s to make our work easier, because we might expect your car for delivering to another person.

Car delivery or pick up outside Lagos office or outside Faro airport have an additional cost of 30 euros each.
After hours from 8pm until 8am additional cost of 30 euros.

We friendly advise You:

Do not let anything inside the car like sunglasses, wallets, cameras or any other values.
In case of an accident never remove the car from the place where the collision was until we or the police get there.

If you need any assistance call our

Office: (00351) 282 762 467

Please respect the speed limits:
    Inside the town 50 km/h
    Outside 90 km/h
    Motorways 120 km/h

We wish you great holidays in Portugal.